ULLR Summer 2020


Crispy Taters $10

Pork Belly/ Spicy Aioli/ Chimichurri/ Pickled Onion  GF V 

Polenta Fries $12

Parmesan/ Harissa Aioli  GF V 

Roasted Red Pepper Hummus $12

Tabbouleh/ Warm Bread/ Confit Garlic  GF V 

Calamari $16

Pickled Jalapeno/ Smoked Salt/ Lemon Aioli  GF  

Wings $16

Hot/ Salt & Pepper/ Truffle Black Pepper/ Maple Whiskey  GF  

Tuna Lettuce Wraps $18

Seared Tuna/ Pickled Bean Sprouts/ Sesame Aioli/ Black Bean Sauce/ Cilantro GF


Pear & Arugula $14

Fresh Pear/ Shallots/ Spiced Nuts/ Parmesan/ Lemon Vinaigrette GF V
Add Smoked Chicken $6

Quinoa $16

Roasted Grape Tomato/ Cucumber/ Kalamata Olive/ Feta/ Red Wine Vinaigrette GF V
Add Smoked Chicken $6


ULLR Classic Fried Chicken $18

Spicy Aioli/ Maple Coriander/ House Pickled Jalapeños/ Fresh Corn Bread

Pork Belly B.L.T $18

Sourdough/ Oven Roasted Pork Belly/ Arugula/ Roasted Grape Tomato/ Pesto Aioli

The Dirty Bird $18

Toasted Brioche/ ULLR Fried Chicken/ Smoked Tomato Jam/ Pickled Jalapeno/ Apple & Fennel Slaw

Smoked Chicken Club $18

Hickory Smoked Chicken/ Oven roasted Pork Belly/ Spicy Aioli/ Roast Grape Tomato/ D’Dutchman White Cheddar

Tomato & Basil Linguini $18

Sundried Tomato/ Fresh Basil/ Chili Flake/ Garlic/ Lemon/ Parmesan
Add Smoked Chicken $6

Fried Noodle Bowl $22

Seared Beef/ Stir-fry Veg/ Kimchi/ Bean Sprouts/ Toasted Cashews/ Cilantro V


Nachos $22

Pico de Gallo/ Pickled Jalapeno/ Smoked Cheddar GF V

Hunters Platter $22

Konig Meats & Cheeses/ House Pickles & Preserves/ Local Fruit/ Toasted Sourdough

Fried Chicken Feast $45

Ten Piece Fried Chicken Dinner With Choice of Side 
Fried Chicken Feast is for Take Out Only!!

Summer CukTails  singles $8 Doubles $13

****All juices are fresh squeezed, tinctures & shrubs homemade****

Bourbon Sour

Bulliet Bourbon/ lemon juice/ simple syrup/ angostura bitters


Absolut Vodka/ daves viking hot sauce/ worscheshire sauce/ clamato, salt/ pickles bean


Beefeater gin/ absolut raspberry vodka/ lemon juice/ elderflower/ soda water

Pink Paloma

Hornitos tequila/ lime juice/ grapefruit/ simple syrup/ soda water


Hornitos tequila/ Triple sec/ lime juice/ lemon juice/ simple syrup/ shaken & served over ice 

Jalopeno Margarita

Hornitos tequila/ triple sec/ lime juice/ lemon juice/ simple syrup/ jalopeno brine/ shaken & served over ice

Thai Chili Coconut Margarita

Thai chili infused Hornitos tequila/ Triple Sec/ lime juice/ lemon juice/ coconut milk/ thai chili/ kaffir lime tincture/ tajin rim/ shaken & served over ice


Havana Club Rum/ lime juice/ simple syrup/ soda/ mint

Blunder Berry Mojito

Stoli Blueberry/ Crème de Cassis/ lime juice/ simple syrup/ soda/ mint

Pineapple Mojito

Havana Club Rum/ lime juice/ pineapple juice/ pineapple shrub/ simple syrup/ soda/ mint

Moscow Mule

Absolut Vodka/ ginger/ lime juice/ ginger shrub/ ginger ale/ angostura bitters/ mint

Cucumber Mint Mule

Kettle one Botanical Vodka/ ginger, lime juice/ ginger shrub/ ginger ale/ cucumber/ angosuta bitter/ mint

Crooked Mule

Absolut Raspberry/ ginger/ lime juice/ ginger shrub/ ginger ale/ angostura bitters/ mint

Shakerato Spiked Iced Coffee

Chai infused Bulliet Bourbon/ demerara syrup/ espresso/ milk/ vanilla house whipped cream

Infused Sangria Jugs $28

Weekly infused fruits with your choice of white or red wine

Legends of the Cuktail $14

****Minimum 2oz pours****

Betty White

Hornitos tequila/ Beefeater gin/ Bianco vermouth/ agave/ rhubarb bitters

Granny Smith’s Whiskey Sour

Wisers Whiskey/ granny smith apple juice/ lemon juice/ simple syrup/ egg white/ angostura bitters

Johnny Cash

Chai infused Bulliet Bourbon/ Bohemian apple & cherry brandy/ demerara syrup/ angostura bitters

Marilyn Monroe

Hornitos Tequila/ Beefeater Gin/ lime juice/ lemon juice/ simple syrup/ elderflower/ raspberry puree/ rhubarb bitters

Tom Petty

Captains Dark Rum/ Aperol/ Sweet Vermouth/ lemon juice/ rhubarb bitters

The Hemmingway Daiquiri

Baron Samedi Rum/ Malibu Rum/ lime juice/ simple syrup/ lime bitters

ULLR Espresso Martini

Absolut Vodka/ Hennessey Cognac/ Kahlua/ vanilla syrup/ espresso

Viking Caeser

Absolut Vodka/ bone broth/ Dave’s Viking hotsauce/ worcheshire sauce/ clamato/ salt/ sesame seeds/ pickled beans

What’s in the Barrel? $16

Ask your Viking server! Classic cocktails, aged in a bourbon oak barrel for a minimum of four weeks

Muk-Tails $4

****Our less cross-eyed cocktails. no booze, still fun****

-Iced Coffee
-Lemon, Lime & Bitters
-Raspberry Lemonade
-Shrub of the Week

Craft Draft Beer and CiderPints $6.50  Jugs $21.00

Arrowhead Brewing (Invermere, B.C.)

-Extra Special Bitter 6.4%
-Raspberry Wit 4.5%
-Valley Lager 4.9%

Fernie Brewing (Fernie, B.C.)

-Finish Line Hazy Pale & Lime 4%
-Hit the Deck Hazy IPA 6.4%
-Project 9 Pilsner 5%

Phillips Brewing (Victoria, B.C.)

-Blue Buck Lager 5.0%
-Solaris White Peach Ale 4.3%

Hoyne Brewing (Victoria, B.C.)

-Dark Matter American Brown Ale 5.3%

Okanagan Springs (Vernon, B.C.)

-1516 lager 5.0%

Unibroue Brewing (Quebec, Ont)

-Blanche de Chambly White Ale 5.0%

Soma Craft Cidery (Kelowna, B.C.)

-Soma Apple Cider 6.1%

Wines 6oz Glass / Bottles


-House Red $8/$32
-Mt Boucherie Pinot Noir $11.25/$45
-Therapy Freuds Ego $11.25/$45
-Play Improv $52
-Blue Mountain Pinot Noir $65


-House White $8/$32
-Blue Mountain Chardonnay $11.25/$45
-Blue Mountain Pinot Gris $11.25/$45
-La Frenz Sauvignon Blanc $11.25/ $45
-Featured Prosecco $45