ULLR Winter 2020/2021


Cucktils Menu

Winter CukTails ($8/$13)

All Juices are freshly squeezed, tinctures & shrubs homemade

Bourbon Sour
  • Bulliet Bourbon/ lemon juice/ simple syrup/ Angostura bitters.
Beets by V
  • Kettle One Cucumber Mint Vodka/ Crème de Cassis/ lemon juice/ beet shrub/ soda water/ rhubarb bitters.
Cartel’s Revenge
  • Bulliet Bourbon/ lemon cordial/ lime juice/ blackberry syrup/ soda water/ tajin rim.
Crooked Mule
  • Absolut Raspberry/ ginger/ lime juice/ ginger shrub/ ginger ale/ Angostura bitters/ mint.
  • Absolut Vodka/ apple pie syrup/ lemon juice/ apple juice/ ginger ale.
  • Beefeater Gin/ Absolut Raspberry Vodka/ lemon juice/ elderflower/ soda water.
Hibiscus Margarita
  • Butterfly Pea Tea infused Mezcal/ Triple Sec/ lemon juice/ lime juice/ simple syrup/ hibiscus bitters/ salt rim.
Jalapeno Margarita
  • Reposado Tequila/ Triple Sec/ lemon juice/ lime juice/ simple syrup/ jalapeno brine/ salt rim
Lumber Jack
  • Maple Whiskey/ Jack Daniels/ apple, cinnamon shrub/ lemon juice/ cranberry juice/ ginger ale.
Pina Colada
  • Bumbu Rum/ Malibu Rum/ lime juice/ simple syrup/ pineapple shrub/ pineapple juice/ coconut milk.
Raspberry Lemon, Lime & Bitters
  • Raspberry Vodka/ lemon cordial/ lime juice/ soda water/ sprite/ Angostura bitters.
Thors Thunder
  • Dark Rum/ ginger/ lime juice/ ginger ale/ Angostura bitters.

The Classics (with a twist)

Gin Old fashion $14
  • Revelstoke Premium Gin/ agave syrup/ Angostura bitters/ Orange bitters.
Rosemary Negroni $14
  • Rosemary infused Tanqueray Gin/ Sweet Vermouth/ Campari/ smoked rosemary.
ULLR Espresso Martini $14
  • Absolut Vodka/ Hennessy Cognac/ Kahlua/ vanilla syrup/ espresso.
Bumbu Old Fashion $16
  • Bulliet Bourbon/ Bumbu Rum/ demerara sugar/ Angostura bitters/ Orange bitters.
Manhattan $16
  • North American Rye Whiskey/ Antica Formula Sweet Vermouth/ Angostura bitters.
Sazerac $18
  • North American Rye Whiskey/ Hennessy Cognac/ Absinth/ demerara sugar/ Peychauds bitters.

Legends of the CukTail ($14)

Minimum 2oz pours.

Autumnal Sour
  • Apricot Brandy/ Amaretto/ Sweet Vermouth/ lemon juice/ egg whites/ cinnamon.
Betty White
  • Hornitos tequila/ Revelstoke Orange, Passionfruit Gin/ Bianco Vermouth/ agave syrup/ Rhubarb bitters.
Johnny Cash
  • Chai Infused Bulliet Bourbon/ Bohmeian Apple & Cherry Brandy/ demerara sugar/ Angostura bitters.
Marilyn Monroe
  • Reposado Tequila/ Beefeater Gin/ lemon juice/ lime juice/ simple syrup/ elderflower/raspberry puree, Rhubarb bitters.
The ….. Kramer
  • Our take on a cosmo…. Revelstoke Orange, Passionfruit Gin/ Pama Liqueur/ Limoncello/ lime juice/ simple syrup/ pomegranate juice.
Tom Petty
  • Dark Rum/ Aperol/ Sweet Vermouth/ lemon juice/ Rhubarb bitters.
Viking Caeser
  • Absolut Vodka/ bone broth/ Sriracha/ Valentina/ Worcestershire/ Clamato/ salt/ sesame seeds/ pickled bean.

Winter Warmers ($9/$14)

Breath of ULLR
  • Crème de Cassis/ Triple Sec/ lemon juice/ elderflower/ Earl Grey tea.
Irish Coffee
  • Irish Whiskey/ demerara sugar/ KH 454 dark roast/ house thickened cream/ nutmeg.
Mulled Cider
  • Hand crafted small batch blend of soma apple cider/ red wine/ spices/ fruits/ served hot to warm the soul.
Toblerone Coffee
  • Baileys/ Frangelico/ Kahlua/ KH 454 dark roast/ house thickened cream.
Hot Buttered Rum
  • Baron Samedi Spiced Rum/ Grand Marnier/ home made butter rum mix/ hot water/ house thickened cream.


Our less cross-eyed cocktails. No booze, still fun $4

  • Hot Chocolate
  • Iced Coffee $6
  • Raspberry Lemonade
  • ULLR Ginger Beer

Beer and Wine


Winter Ales $6.50 pints $21.00 jugs

Arrowhead Brewing Company (Invermere, B.C.)

  • BlackJack Stout: 5.4%/ 30ibu

  • ESB: 6.3%/ 60ibu

Fernie Brewing (Fernie, B.C.)

  • Hit the Deck Hazy IPA: 6.4% 40ibu

  • Thunder Meadows IPA: 6.7% 40ibu $7.50

Hoyne Brewing (Victoria, B.C.)

  • Dark Matter: 5.3%/ 30ibu

Mt. Begbie (Revelstoke, B.C.)

  • Powerhouse Pale Ale: 4.7% 18ibu

Okanagan Springs (Vernon, B.C.)

  • 1516 Lager: 5.0% 17ibu

  • Orange Cranberry Ale: 4.8% 25ibu

Phillips Brewing (Victoria, B.C.)

  • Dino Sour: 4.2% Blackberry Sour

Russell Brewing (Surrey, B.C.)

  • El Dorado Blonde Ale: 4.6% 32ibu

Steamworks Brewing (Vancouver, B.C.)

  • Czech Style Pilsner: 5.0% 30 Abu

Soma Cidery (Kelowna, B.C.)

  • B.C. Oak Aged Apple Cider: 6.1% $8.00


Wines 6oz / Bottles


  • House White (Therapy - Freudian Sip) $8/$32

  • Blue Mountain Chardonnay $11.25/$45

  • Blue Mountain Pinot Gris $11.25/$45

  • La Frenz Sauvignon Blanc $11.25/ $45

  • Featured Prosecco $45


  • House Red (Open- Cabernet Merlot) $8/$32

  • Mt Boucherie Pinot Noir $11.25/$45

  • Stave & Steel Cabernet Sauvignon $12/$48

  • La Frenz Pinot Noir $49

  • Play Improv $52

  • Blue Mountain Pinot Noir $65

Food Menu


GF = Gluten Friendly, V = Vegetarian, VG = Vegan, GF Bun $2.00,

Add Smoked Chicken $6.00

Crispy Taters $10 V, GF

  • Boiled and Fried Yellow Potato/ Pork Belly/ Spicy Aioli/ Chimichurri/ Pickled Onion

Char Siu Bao Buns $15

  • Char Siu Pork/ Pickled Vegetables/ Cilantro/ Spring Onion/ Peanuts/ 3 Bao Buns

Calamari $16 GF

  • Pickled Jalapeno/ Smoked Salt/ Lemon Aioli

Wings $16 GF

  • Hot/ Salt & Pepper/ Truffle & Black Pepper/ Maple Whiskey

Arancini Balls $14 V, VG Optional

  • Pomodoro Sauce/ Pesto/ Truffle Oil/ Grana Padano


Kale Salad $16 VG, GF, Add Chicken

  • Warm Maple Vinaigrette/ Butternut Squash/ Dried Cranberries/ Pumpkin Seeds/ Goat Cheese

Noodle Salad $16 V, Add Chicken

  • Vermicelli Noodles/ Carrot/ Cabbage/ Cuccumber/ Cilantro/ Sesame Peanut Dressing


Dirty Bird Sandwich $18 Side: Crispy Taters, Apple Slaw, Kale Salad

  • ULLR Fried Chicken/ Smoked Tomato Jam/ Pickled Jalapenos/ Apple &Fennel Slaw

Pork Belly & Brie Sandwich $18 Side: Crispy Taters, Apple Slaw, Kale Salad

  • Pork Belly/ Warm Brie/ Apricot & Pear Jam/ Arugula/ Sourdough Bread

Foragers Pie $18 VG

  • Lentils/ Roasted Mushrooms/ Vegetables/ Garlic Mashed/ Kale & Roast tomato

ULLR Classic Fried Chicken $18

  • Spicy Aioli/ Maple Coriander/ Pickled Onion/ Pickled Jalapeno/ Cornbread

Beef Stew $18

  • Dark Matter Braised Bavette/Stew Veg/ Potato/ Horseradish Sour Cream/ Sour Dough

Fried Rice Bowl $20 GF

  • Barbeque Pork Belly/ Egg Fried Rice/ Kimchi/ Bean Sprouts/ Cilantro/ Sesame


Nachos $22 GF

  • Pico de Gallo/ Pickled Jalapenos/ White Cheddar/ Chili Lime Crema

Hot Cheese Platter $22

  • Warm Melted Cheese/ Konig Charcuterie Meats/ House Pickles & Preserves/ Toasted Sour Dough

Fried Chicken Bucket $45 TO GO ONLY.

  • 10 Piece Fried Chicken Dinner With Choice Of Side