Ullr Bar Legendary Ordinance (New Rules) 

These are the new rules for daily operations at Ullr Bar. Please read them and for whatever reason you disagree with them or feel unsafe please speak to the Ullr Warrior at the top of the stairs or feel free continue your life adventure somewhere else.

Viking Loyalty Lunch 12pm-4pm

Devine Dinner Feasts 4pm-10PM

  • This is a neutral territory for all Viking tribes. Please be respectful and give all tribes their space. (Physical distancing 6 feet between groups)

  • Obey the distance between Viking war parties. Plan, scheme, and enjoy your feast only with your tribe. (6 feet between tables and stay to your own space. This is not the time to join other tables.)

  • Be patient and wait to be seated at your table by the warrior at the top of the stairs. There is no need to rush, push, or complain. All good things are worth waiting for and guidance is always a welcome gift.

  • Food menus can be found at www.ullrbar.com. Use the gift from the gods of technology to find what you need or ask your server for a disposable menu. Save mother earth and use your phone.

  • Viking hands are used for weapon holding, eating, drinking ale, and slapping each other on the back in merriment but THEY MUST BE CLEAN! (There are had sanitizing stations at the front door and in front the bathrooms. Please use them as much as possible.)

  • Viking god Odin has demanded that all Viking Warriors IE staff must serve all patrons with clean hands, clean tools, humor, care, and a smiling face. Under threat of banishment to Muspelheim. The land of perpetual heat and fire. 

-All staff will be cleaning their hands every 30 mins at the sound of the Viking war horn or after direct contacted with used dishes. You should do the same.

-There will be the use of disposable gloves where needed. You can wear them but please no slapping other Vikings with them. We have a no doula policy.

- Our Viking warriors will be dropping off the food and drinks to the table and clearing the table during your service. Please put all used unwanted glasses and plates to the end of the table to be removed. If you are not comfortable with table service, please make your way to the bar where all our wonderful food items can be ordered to go. Please no unwanted touching of the staff.

- A Viking warrior always shows their face. WE HIDE NOTHING. If the warrior choses to wear one that is there choice, but they may not be wearing one. If this makes you unconfutable, please make your way to the bar for to go options. 

We are here to serve and create and fun once in a lifetime experience here at Ullr Bar. We care for everyone that visits us and our Viking community.

“Glory for this great valley”